Coping with Christmas

‘Ho Ho Ho’ or ‘No No No’?

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.

For many people, Christmas is a time of great joy, with plenty of Ho Ho Ho!

For many others, it is a time of dread: a time of No No No!

There are the TV ads portraying jolly people sharing festive feasts together and showing goodwill to all men… and women. There is an unspoken expectation that everyone wants to, and can, buy a tree, decorate their home, fill the fridge full of treats, give gifts, make cakes and mince pies and generally sign up to all that Christmas seems to have become.

Some people see Christmas as an exciting time filled with social events, family & friends, party games, shopping, carol singing, gift giving, Christmas episodes of their favourite TV shows, time off work and maybe even more.

Some people see it as a time filled with dread. Maybe it’s the expense, the extra work, loneliness, the sadness or grief of missing loved ones who are not around, having to maintain an upbeat exterior when feeling anything but, feeling isolated, feeling unloved or not valued.

christmas present

If Christmas is a tough time for you, it may help to set your expectations and plan the day. Fill your day with things you enjoy. If some of the things you enjoy are not an option this year then substitute them for other things you do. Preparing what you are going to do can turn negatives into positives and prevent you from feeling too upset. We all have our own likes. Maybe pre-record some TV you enjoy or plan a lovely walk (weather permitting) or line up a phone chat to those far away or look online for groups to meet with or be part of. Make your own feast of favourite foods. Whatever you decide, try to take the pressure off yourself to feel a certain way just because it’s Christmas.

The meaning of Christmas isn’t gifts, crackers, paper hats and Quality Street. In my opinion, Christmas is about offering kindness and caring to one another and that includes being kind to ourselves.

snowman smile

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