The Start of a New Year ……do you want to do it differently in 2017?

Why is it that January is such a popular time to think about changes?

I guess for many of us we need a start date to focus on ….a beginning for the change …some months have now become linked with a change to create that focus: Stoptober for smokers wanting to quit, Dry January for those wanting to cut out alcohol for a month  and Movember for those who want a reason to grow a beard in time for next Christmas.

2017-blog-1It could be that you have decided that January 1st 2017 is the time for you…..and the things you want to do differently may be decided upon too …and all you need now is the plan of how you are going to carry out the change….or multiple changes. This may be easy to work out …or it may be taking a lot of thinking about as there may be some big obstacles that you think may be challenging…..
Sometimes making changes can be difficult.

As human beings we need an amount of certainty in our lives so by doing things in the way we have always done them we meet that need. However, by doing things the way we have always done we will achieve the same result and if that isn’t the result we want, then we need to change …and this creates uncertainty

It can be helpful to focus on things we can be certain of, in other areas of our lives while we make changes in a different area …or two

It could be that you want to break a habit, in which case, it can be helpful to understand how the habit began

Our brain focuses on our survival –it is what our brain is for …and if you’re reading this then yours is doing a good job for you so far…..

However, our brain can code information that may have been relevant to our survival at some point in our past …but the coding may no longer be relevant …. habits are often examples of this:


Four years ago Bob was experiencing a high level of stress in his job and a glass of wine when he got home helped him cope with this. However Bob changed his job 2 years ago, no longer has that stress but the glass of wine when he gets home has now become a habit.

Ten years ago Sarah’s long term relationship broke up which she found devastating. Her comfort was biscuits and she made sure she had a bountiful supply at all times. Now healed from that relationship and happily involved in another, Sarah still ensures she has biscuits available habitually reaches for a biscuit to comfort herself at the smallest upset.

Working with a Life Coach can help you to pinpoint the change or changes you want to make, help you form a plan that gets around any obstacles and offer the motivation, encouragement and support to make your changes stick.

The most important thing though about making a change is to START …..start even if you’re feeling unsure ……if you want your life to be and feel different start doing it differently ….often the start  or the first step is the hardest step to take …but you will go forward.

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