Reduced stress, healthy brain and a new hat?

I recently saw a book entitled ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’. It caught my eye as I dashed through a book shop, carrying over filled bags of Christmas shopping (economising on bags now they are 5p each), frustrated that only half my list of errands were ticked off due to the extra time taken up by festive queueing. Walking faster than was comfortable, aware that my parking ticket had now expired.

Ironic really, that I didn’t have time to examine the contents of the book, but I am guessing that somewhere inside would be at least a few pages about the benefits of taking some time out from the rushing which seems to be an increasing element of modern life. The rushing that takes a toll on our health; particularly our mental health.

There is plenty of evidence ‘out there’ that creative crafts are highly therapeutic and that learning new skills and challenging our thinking, exercises parts of our brain that reduce our chances of developing dementia. Creative handcrafts can improve mood and alleviate stress and pain and apparently, knitting can stimulate new neural pathways.

Knitting is a very accessible creative craft which can be enjoyed at any age, whatever financial situation and in any setting. You can knit alone, meet up with fellow knitters, join a knitting community or group or a combination of the 3. Knitting is portable, lightweight and requires nothing more than a ball of yarn and 2 sticks. Projects can be very simple and quick to complete or as challenging as you choose.


The Knitters Yarn is a new and growing company that I came across recently: they offer beautiful yarns, patterns, kits and a variety of workshops whatever your skill level -even the complete beginner.

If you can identify with the rushing person who would benefit from some time engaging in a creative craft then visit The Knitters Yarn website and be inspired to take some stress reducing and enjoyable creative time for yourself, knowing that it’s good for your health.

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