Be the Weight you want to be!

It is a common human trait to use a variety of ‘crutches’ to help us through the uncomfortable, challenging or painful times in our lives. The crutch may be one of many such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, cigarettes, over working, excessive exercising, gaming, music, opting out …or food. These crutches may be used for comfort or distraction or control or consistency.

Each of the above examples of ‘crutches’ has its own ‘side effect’ and with eating, the most common consequence is weight gain …unless the eating behaviour has developed in to more disordered eating such as bulimia or anorexia.

127499541The consequential weight gain can effect a person’s self esteem and have a negative impact on the persons happiness which can often heighten the need for the eating ‘crutch’ and so the person finds it very difficult to break their eating patterns and eat healthily. Dieting can be very challenging as the person’s often misses their ‘crutch’.

Getting support, understanding the ‘why’ and learning different ways to handle life can be the key to letting go of the need to use food as a ‘crutch’ and be able to be the weight you want to be.

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