Select what you sow, reap a better harvest

Many people find that they get a great feeling when they connect with nature …maybe a long country walk ….spending time in the garden or park …….walking (or lazing) on a beach listening to the sound of the ocean   ……we may feel grounded, more fulfilled, exhilarated even

For much of our farming community September time is the beginning of the  year with the new sowing about to start and the harvest of the last year being almost gathered in.

I am making some generalisations here but for many of us, the summer months bring a change of routine,  maybe a summer holiday, more social gatherings and possibly some time for reflection. How fulfilling and happy was your ‘harvest’? Are you feeling that maybe you need to change what you ‘sow’ so that  a better ‘yield’ can be ‘harvested’ next year?harvest 3

The measure of the level of pleasure we get from our ‘yield’ is personal because we all have different values we seek to fulfil.  It can be a useful reflection to make so that we can make changes at the ‘sowing’ stage ….now

If you are reflecting that you would like to do things differently to get a more fulfilling harvest and would like support, motivation and clarity, please give me a call for an initial chat



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