Flawed or Healthy Attraction?

Who do you attract into your life?

Are you attracting people into your life who enhance it or drain you?

I am guessing that if it is the latter, then by nature, you are a caring and giving person?

A giving person gets some level of ‘inner glow’ from the giving of themselves to other people.

So it makes sense that you are very attractive to a person who enjoys taking.

Healthy relationships are made when both people enjoy giving to each other and making each other happy and receiving from each other too. This type of relationship has a high chance of being life-enhancing for both people.

However, the relationship made of one ‘giver’ and one ‘taker’ is likely to be destructive in the long term for the ‘giver’? This type of relationship is often a highly magnetic attraction, fuelling strong passions and emotions as the ‘giver’ gets a buzz from their gifts being so well received and the ‘taker’ is thrilled to lap up the gifts they are being given ….a perfect match? …a soul mate feeling? Too good to be true?

Unfortunately, the bubble will burst eventually when the ‘giver’ needs something to be given by the ‘taker’. This could be support, or help with a trauma or problem …and then comes the realisation that the ‘taker’ doesn’t give easily. Depending on the severity of their ‘taking’ tendency, the ‘taker’ may give a small amount or may not be able to give anything at all.give and take

The ‘giver’ realises that he/she faces a future of giving but never being given to and either stays in the relationship giving until they are completely depleted of energy and/or self-worth or they step out of the relationship to look for the healthy relationship they deserve but first have to recover from the feeling of being drained and used.

If you recognise yourself as a ‘giver’ then pay attention to your gut feelings, be aware of who you are attracting and remember to value yourself. Everyone has a right as a human being, to have their needs met. Protect yourself and prevent yourself from showering someone with emotional gifts if they have no intention, or ability, to give back.

There are lovely people out there but kind and caring traits do not necessarily attract the same.


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