How can a Life Coach help you to have a better life?

Can a Life Coach help you to have a better life?

Do you go to a Hairdresser when your hair needs cutting? Employ a Decorator when your house needs painting? Do you consult a Doctor if you feel unwell?

When your life doesn’t feel like you want it to feel, would you consult a Life Coach?

Some people are familiar with what working with a coach is like while others may not really have much idea the following is a precis: a Life Coach would work with you to identify what you need in your life for life to feel great and then help you have those things in your life. We are all unique and what we need in our lives to enable us to feel great and fulfilled varies greatly – it depends on your own values and how you prioritise those values. Working with a good Coach can drastically change how your life feels and is, for the better.


As part of my own personal development, I have just returned from Tony Robbins UPW seminar in London -for me, a phenomenal 4 days listening to an exceptional Life Coach. A highly inspirational man who works with some of the world’s most successful and famous – he has a waiting list of 2 years!

Why would someone already successful seek a coach? …. because they want to get better and keep growing. Yet others see seeking the help of a coach as admitting a weakness. I facilitate the MHFA Youth First Aid course, in which we discuss the stigma of seeking help for our emotional ill health -which is a great shame and really does get in the way of recovery.

Do we expect to understand ourselves completely, feel motivated all the time, know our direction/focus, overshadow the negative self-talk we may do, know how we can achieve personal fulfilment and be able to overcome obstacles that are in the way of that fulfilment? That’s a pretty big expectation.

If you feel unfulfilled, particularly if you think you have a life that should feel fulfilling, need direction and focus, feel overwhelmed by choices, demands or perceived limitations of life then give me a call. I offer a free 20-minute phone chat to see if working with a coach is for you. You deserve a great life.

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