Decisions, decisions

Are you struggling with a decision? Some decisions can be hard to make. Usually the ones when it is difficult to predict the outcome of the decision or when the decision may mean giving up something we are not sure we want to give up.

It may be a job move, a house move, a relationship issue, a parenting issue, a lifestyle change, ….anything really ….and often the more potentially life changing the decision is, the harder it is to make.

So where do you start? Weighing up the positives and negatives may help … can listening to our gut feeling about the options.

Many people find it helpful to run the options by someone and hear their opinion -preferably someone who can be objective and ask you questions which may help the best option to become clearer.

Sometimes, such a person is hard to find -especially if you have a tight time frame in which to make your decision ….and this is an area in which a Life Coach can be helpful. A Life Coach will be focused on your agenda, be objective and help you to examine the elements of the decision to help you to work out the best option.

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