Are you listening Mr Trump?


Feeling we have a voice is important

Donald Trump is about to be sworn in to office as the US President and a fair few people will be asking the question ‘How did that happen?’ ….to which everyone has their own opinion. One theory seems to be that the American people felt that they were not being heard by a more ‘passive’ type of President …and whether Donald Trump is the listening type is yet to be seen …and my blog is certainly not a political one!

However, the feeling of not being heard is a very unpleasant and often destructive one. It may be this is happening to you, or someone you know, in the workplace, in a relationship or within a family.

A teenager building their sense of self and forming their own opinions can find it humiliating, very frustrating and sometimes crushing to have their opinions overridden or to have a strict parent who won’t consider what they are saying…

In the workplace, you may be coming up with ideas that are constantly discounted or have a bullying colleague that no one will acknowledge…

Relationships can feel one sided sometimes with one person feeling that their needs are never listened to or considered….

And a person who is isolated often feels like they have no voice at all ….and that may be because there is literally no one around to talk to

Being listened to and feeling that we are being heard is important to our own worth and value -whilst feeling we don’t have a voice can be demotivating and destructive.

There are fewer opportunities too … the growth in the number of people glued to their phone content who are so much less likely to engage in conversations with those around them ……with busy and hectic parenting which can leave little time for talking …. with more home based workers who have fewer talking opportunities …. with a growing, older population who may be isolated and live far from their families …. being heard is getting harder.

But it doesn’t have to be…. taking time to listen, making time to talk and really hearing and considering what someone is saying can make big change for the better.

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