Do you think it’s bad that I did that?

Do you think it’s bad that I did that?

The answer is ‘do you think it’s bad that you did that?’

We are usually our own harshest critics and judges …especially if we are sensitive people.

As human beings with emotions and sensitivities we get drawn in to the moment with our own needs and agendas and we react to our interactions with other people and sometimes act ‘in the moment’ in a way that we later question ‘why did I do that?’

question answer

The reason we did is because we are human beings with emotions rather than logical robots. Sometimes we may really struggle to decide …..’Mmm ….should I do that?’ Maybe a little persuasion from someone and the ‘I don’t think so’ becomes a ‘Go on then’ decision.

The problems occur when we do things that we later dislike ourselves for because this may have a consequence of lowering our self-worth …. feeling we are bad …. or weak or in some way not how we would like to be … and those thoughts can be detrimental to our happiness and love of ourselves.

But there are ways of protecting ourselves from those feelings….

By deciding what our boundaries and values are and by deciding how we need to behave to like and approve of ourselves. We are all individuals and every person will have their own boundaries and values but if you are acting in a way you feel able to judge yourself in a positive way then you will be able to preserve that crucial self-worth.

A bit of time spent investing in setting our boundaries and deciding what our values are can really give us strength when deciding ‘in the moment’ and preserve our self-worth and approval of ourselves.

Ultimately it isn’t approval by others we need to enable us to feel good about ourselves, it is the approval of ourselves.

If you need help discovering your true values and setting safe boundaries that you feel happy with then please give me a call

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