Are you looking for greater fulfilment in 2018?

So here we are at the beginning of another new year. Whether you are wondering where the last one went, reflecting that 2017 was a good one or reflecting that 2017 had some tough challenges, a new year is traditionally a time to create new resolutions and decide to change things for the better.

For most people, any given year holds a mixture of high and low times, many of which are chance. However, there are ways of increasing our chances of having more good times. Goal setting is one.

One good thing about setting goals for ourselves is that it starts the thinking process about things we want to do, want to achieve and want to experience which stirs excitement and enthusiasm.happy

There may be limiting factors such as health, finances and commitments to other things and to the people in our lives but most of us can still list lots of achievable things we would like to factor into our lives. Somewhere to visit, a new purchase, a new experience or interest, better lifestyle choices that would enhance life. Goals that result in increased pleasure and greater fulfilment.

The list can be long or short, full of personal challenge or easy to achieve. It is the consideration, the making of the list and ultimately, the making it happen, that helps us focus on and achieve more positive and life-enhancing experiences in the year ahead. These in turn raise our enthusiasm and increase our pleasure levels.

It is really easy to put things off and not make the time to do more enjoyable things. Then another year goes by… so seize the moment, set some goals and ring in a new year which holds as much to look forward to as possible.

Wishing you a happy and enjoyable 2018 x

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