As parents, how can we prepare our children for the work place?

As parents how can we prepare our children for the workplace? Qualifications seem to be a big focus but what are the qualities of a great employee? I’m sure the question will prompt a variety of answers and indeed different employees value different qualities.

Honestly, reliability, good communication skills, hardworking are basic traits in an employee that most employers seek and these are qualities that are developed early in life -hopefully, starting in the home and being reinforced in school.

There are other qualities that also seem to be appreciated by the majority of employers such as initiative, resourcefulness, confidence, common sense and the ability to problem solve. These skills also start to develop from a young age -if parents create the opportunities.

Modern parenting has become much more involved over the last 25 years. Many children now spend the majority of their time under adult supervision. This contrasts greatly to most children who were growing up 30 or 40 years ago when children spent a great deal of their free time out of range of adults. boy on bike

The consequence of this unsupervised time was that children had to be resourceful, had to use their initiative when faced with a problem or challenge, had to carry out their own risk assessments and make their own decisions ….and they learned a great deal from the consequences. This learning helped to develop confidence, independence and self-belief.

It is often quicker and, in some ways, safer for adults to take the responsibility for all of these elements but if parents create opportunities for these skills to develop the benefits will be felt by both the employee and employer when their child is ready to enter the workplace.

Pippa Seed    Life Coach and Positive Parent Course Facilitator



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