Are your relationships thriving?

I recently came across a post I really liked….


Which got me thinking….

I love using analogies to explain things and in writing this piece decided to look up the actual definition of an analogy to check I had it right and this is what came up on Google

a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

“an analogy between the workings of nature and those of human societies”

Which is perfect as, for many years, I have enjoyed the analogy that our relationships are very much like plants.  I believe that we need to feed our relationships,  to enable them to grow and flourish and that those we neglect may wilt and possibly even die. It helps me to give priority to relationships that give me pleasure or fulfilment -or both. It also gives me pleasure to feed the beautiful relationships I enjoy having in my life.

Of course, different relationships have different needs to keep them healthy and strong. Some of our relationships are well established and have well developed and deep roots and are less in need of constant tending. Others are in the early stages of growth and need more looking after.

Different relationships are like different plants we may have been growing in the garden. Some, given the conditions they need, flourish in to great beauty and give us great pleasure. Others may have become overgrown , some possibly even suffocating other relationships we would like space for in our lives. It may be helpful to cut these back or even remove them all together. Other relationships may be like seedlings which,  we want to take care of them as we believe they will grow in to beautiful things.

Like plants,  different relationships need different conditions and ‘food’ and for relationships to grow and flourish we need to take the time to learn what those are.

heart gardenAutumn could be a great time to think about the relationships in our lives -our family, friends, work and intimate relationships and, if necessary, do a bit of seasonal pruning and replanting so that our lives feel more colourful and beautiful.

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