Do you feel fulfilled?

Do you feel fulfilled?

Or do you feel that something is missing?

The answer often depends on whether …and how often, we choose to stay in our Comfort Zone or whether to take a challenge and Grow.

Most people need to be achieving personal growth in some way in order to feel fulfilment …..but how often do we shy away from doing things that are outside of our Comfort Zone?


Maybe, with or without justification, we listen to our inner voice that is trying to keep us safe by encouraging us to avoid doing things which may have an element of risk of failure or rejection. That inner voice plants a seed of doubt about our capability “I don’t think I can do that?” “Maybe I won’t be very good at that” “I may make a fool of myself” which leads on to “I won’t try that”.

Recently, someone close to me, was presented with a great opportunity which she almost turned down. The inner voice was saying “you can’t do that” and this was building so much self-doubt that she almost didn’t take the opportunity. But she did ….and enjoyed it and excelled ….and grew. Her self-esteem and self-belief got a big boost and her confidence in her own abilities grew.

It is a bit of a spiral -up or down! The less we step out of our comfort zone the more our self-doubt gains weight and the more often we edge ourselves out of our comfort zone and take a challenge the more our self confidence and self esteem grow ….even if we fail at a task or face rejection …we still gain more inner confidence from having had the courage to try things we were unsure about.

Staying ‘safe’ comes at a price …….it may be growth, confidence, fulfilment, joy, the sense of achievement, love, fun or happiness. Sometimes, taking a challenge or a risk leads us on to a new more rewarding and fulfilling path.

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