Do you have a challenging teenager?

Do you have a challenging teenager?

Do you have a very, very challenging teenager who you are watching make decisions that are damaging to him or her and whatever approach you take to try and encourage them on to a better path, nothing seems to be working?

It can be the most testing, stressful, frustrating and anxious time for parents. It’s really hard. There are many parents facing the same challenges ….great parents who are digging deep in every way to encourage their child to see things differently and change their actions and behaviours -offering support, boundaries, love, incentives, information and opportunities…. that it may feel, make little difference at all.

These challenges are facing parents who have been providing healthy family structure, love, security and stability …….but there is a lot going on in the teenage brain.

To watch the video on brain development click here:


So there may be reasons your teenager is behaving how they are …..but what can you do?

Continue to find the strength to show your love, support and care -it WILL be making a difference -even if there seems to be no visible evidence. Parenting through these times can be incredibly disheartening, draining and stressful so self-care is very important. Many parents are out of practice of looking after themselves, however, you will be better equipped to help if you have the energy and resilience to do so.

What do you do to relieve your own stress? Unless it is a harmful way of coping, make time for it -run, read, walk, listen to music, bathe, meet with friends, do tasks you enjoy doing ….anything that you enjoy that distracts you from your stresses.

If you can, find someone you can talk to …. someone you trust and who is a good listener and doesn’t judge you …and offload. Sometimes getting things out of your head enables you to think more clearly and you will hopefully feel supported. If you know someone with a challenging child, don’t judge, there can be many reasons and causes, most of which are beyond a parent’s control. It is a great shame that instead of finding support, parents express that they often face judgements which can feel very isolating.

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