Are you feeling happy …or unfulfilled?

Are you feeling happy ….or are you lacking motivation, feeling unfulfilled or just can’t really see where you’re going?

If it’s the latter, this could be because your values have changed and you are not fulfilling your new values.

Somewhere along our journey of life …maybe in our early 20’s we make an outline plan of how we would like our life to pan out. This may have been a conscious decision that we gave real thought and consideration to …or it could have been semi subconscious and may even have been shaped by other people’s opinions or even our perception of society’s expectations of us.

Some time later, possibly a few decades, we may have realised those dreams and hopes ….or we may not …those hopes and dreams may even have lost their appeal. If we have reached our goals, we may feel surprised that life doesn’t feel as fulfilling as we expected it would at this point.

This could be that our real core values have changed along the way. At 20, it may have been important that we earned a good salary and gained status. At 40, we may value time with family as more important. At 25 owning a lovely house may have been a real motivator but 20 years later, we may feel that is less important and we are missing having some adventures and new challenges.

Very few people take the time to reconsider what the most important things we want to feel, do, have and achieve in our lives in the coming 3-5 years and therefore it is less likely that we adjust our course to attain these things. Instead we wonder why life isn’t feeling as we thought it would- possibly less fulfilling or unexciting.habits

Taking some time to explore our most important things can really help to get that enthusiasm, excitement and motivation back. We can adjust our course and achieve satisfaction and real fulfilment.

If you would like help to explore your values, get in touch.

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