World Mental Health Day

On this World Mental Health Day, perhaps more so than in previous years, there are many people finding it increasingly difficult to maintain good mental health and wellbeing. There is an abundance of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, isolation and for some, desperation. Many people are struggling to find connection, certainty, safety, security, fun, freedom, and choice.

Some of the proven ways to improve our mental health are well publicised …eat well, sleep well, take exercise, and connect with others. For some, that just isn’t helping enough to maintain feeling OK. Many people are facing challenges that feel huge and some people may be struggling to see a way through them.

What we can do though, is look at what we are missing most and think about what we got from those things ……and look to find ways to feel those from different things. Many people are missing freedom …perhaps doing something which gives us the feeling of freedom may help …a long walk in the wind perhaps?

Some people are feeling fearful …..perhaps thinking about ways we are safe and doing things which we realise feel safe may help.

What do you need to improve your mental health if you feel it may be diminishing?

Share you thoughts with others if possible ….and encourage others to share the things they may be missing ….helping each other can feel meaningful.

If you don’t feel like sharing your thoughts, spend a little time thing what could feel better and give some time to those things. Self care in these times is so important.

I have just scheduled 2 online MHFA courses for October

Adult Mental Health First Aider for the workplace and those supporting adults

Youth mental Health First Aider for those working with and/or caring for young people

Please get in touch if you would like information

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