What does your life look like? Does it look like you want it to?

What does your life look like? Does it look like you want it to?

It looks how you choose to see it.

And what you see depends on what you choose to focus on.

Have you ever played that game while on a car journey when you look out for a particular colour of car, say, yellow. You focus on seeking out the yellow car, seeing any that appear in your field of vision. While you are focusing on seeing the yellow cars you don’t focus on how many green cars you have seen because they were not significant.

I’m showing my age but do you remember a TV programme called the Krypton Factor, if you watched it, did you play along? One element was an observational round where a clip of a film was played and afterwards, the contestants were asked questions. Their ability to answer correctly depended on what they focused on and saw while the clip was being shown. We may have decided that a question about the number of a house or the name of the street may be asked so we focussed on noticing those things but in doing so we missed noticing other things. No one has the capacity to notice every detail of everything. Most of us don’t even think about how our towel feels when we are getting dried, or how many spoons were in the drawer when we grabbed one. Our brains can’t take in the volume of detail that life has.

duck-rabbit_1024x1024If you focus on the things you don’t have then that is what will be noticed. That is what you will see. If you focus on and notice all the things in your life you are grateful for, then those are what you will see. What we see is the result of making a choice of what we focus on and see …..we will always find what we are looking for. If we want evidence of the unrest in the world we notice all the evidence of it whereas if we are focussed on noticing great acts of kindness and humanity in the world then that is what we will see.

Do you want to see good or bad in your relationships? Do you want to see trust or betrayal? Decide what you want in your life and make it your focus, that way you will find what you are looking for.

Choose the good things you want in life to focus on and and your whole life will change for the better.

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